May 2005
Vol. 1, Issue 11
The Spinal Column

Win $1,000 Worth of Free Marketing Services
Contest Winner: Congratulations Jonathan Allen, DC
To Grow: The Best Time to Go "Fishing For Patients"
is When Everyone Else Decides Not to
Marketing Idea of the Month #11: Treat Every Patient
As Your Only Patient
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Win $1,000 Worth of Free Marketing Services

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Congratulations to Jonathan Allen, DC!

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To Grow: The Best Time to Go "Fishing For New Patients" is When Everyone Else Decides Not to

With the slower summer season fast approaching, many of us will start mentally packing it in until after Labor Day. We will start to pull back on our marketing, advertising and public relations programs because “it’s a waste of time and money to promote our practice over the summer”.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

The best time to go “fishing” for new patients is when all your competition decides to pack it in and coast until Labor Day.

Two reasons why:

  1. Less competition vying for the same new patients. You have the field to yourself.
  2. Better quality patient.

Let your competition buy into the self-fulfilling prophecy that certain months are slow months so we need to cut back on marketing. They do (cut back that is) and guess what happens – the phone stops ringing. Their weekly new visits goes down so they cut back even further.

They were right all along. Or were they really?

“See. It is a lousy time to market our services” they proudly tell themselves. They were right all along, they conclude.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. A thousand times wrong.

Even if there are a few fewer new patients in the marketplace over the summer months, when they need a chiropractor, who will be there for them?

You, I hope.

So when everyone else turns left, you turn right. You will have the market to yourself.

Be aggressive with your marketing dollars and you will enjoy a lot more bang for the buck.

It gets even better.

During the warm spring and summer months most people would prefer to be outdoors maybe shopping, partying, at the park, lake or shore.

They have plenty of fun things to do and you are not one of those things.

Someone who calls you or sees you is truly motivated.

They have a real problem. A real concern. A real need and they will be very receptive and open to what you have to say. And their needs and problems will not wait until after Labor Day.

They need to talk to a chiropractor today. Will that chiropractor be you?

It will be if:

  1. You have not mentally shut down.
  2. You aggressively market your practice while everyone else has pulled out of the market.

And the bonus is you will be getting a highly motivated patient.

So look at the next 3 to 4 months as an excellent opportunity to grow your practice not as a weak excuse to take the summer off.

Marketing Idea of the Month #11: Treat Every Patient As Your Only Patient

Each month we will give you a proven marketing tip or program that, if done right, will work for you. Collect, read and use all 36 of them over the next three years and you will have put together an effective powerful marketing program to help grow your chiropractic practice.

Last issue’s idea: Why Not the Yellow Pages

This month’s idea: Treat Every Patient as Your Only Patient

If you had only one patient who was generating 100% of your revenue, how would you be treating him/her?

Well that’s exactly how you should be treating every single one of your patients.

Stop and think for a moment where you go in your personal or business life, where you are treated at such a high level it may even make you nervous.

Nowhere I would guess. And where do you have total allegiance? Nowhere I would presume.

The same is true with your patients. Don’t take them for granted and they will take care of you!

It starts with your staff.

Did you hire friendly people – “I actually enjoy coming to work” personalities or not. What about your physical plant (your office). The availability of parking. The chairs in the waiting room. The reading material while they wait. The cleanliness of the bathrooms. The list is endless.

Let’s continue.

How long do they have to wait? Their time is as valuable as yours. Do you encourage them to ask questions and give easily understandable answers?

How patient-friendly is your system for making the next appointment or paying their bills?

When they get back in their car or on the bus, do they feel they just had a very positive experience that they can’t wait to repeat or a necessary one that they can’t wait to be finished with?

The choice is yours.

Make the visit a truly patient-friendly one and they will tell their friends, who will tell their friends, who will in turn tell their friends.

You get the point.

The phone (with new patients) will suddenly start ringing and never stop.

How do you know what your patients like or don’t like about you and your practice?

That’s the easy part.

Start asking them … never stop asking them and truly listen to what they are saying.

Ask them in person and use this month’s free marketing letter of the month along with the survey you will be mailing to all present and recent past patients.

Want to discuss? Feel free to call me at 1-800-696-7788, ext. 112.

Letter of the Month: Survey: Tell Me What You Think?

Each month we will give you a ready-to-use letter that can be used to help promote your practice.

A professional copywriter would charge you anywhere from $150 to $350 to write you a marketing letter, but as a subscriber to The Spinal Column you get it for free.

This month’s letter: Survey: Tell Me What You Think?

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To grow your practice your professional marketing skills are as important as your chiropractic knowledge, maybe even more so.

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