May 2006
Vol. 2, Issue 11
The Spinal Column

Win $1,000 Worth of Free Marketing Services
Contest Winner: Congratulations Tim Hussing
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Win $1,000 Worth of Free Marketing Services

On May 31st we will be awarding a free marketing program valued at $1,000 to one of our subscribers. To be eligible all you need to do is be an active subscriber to The Spinal Column.

The winning doctor will be announced in the June issue of this newsletter.

Congratulations to Tim Hussing!

Tim Hussing is our $1,000 marketing package winner! Tim Hussing, please contact Sonia at Metro Marketing by Wednesday, May 31st, 2006. To be eligible to win for June, just sign up for our newsletter and look at it when it arrives in your in box. It's that easy to win a $1,000 marketing package.

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Metro Marketing for the last thirteen years has been offering a new prospective patient program to the chiropractic community.

To date, over 5,500 chiropractors have used this 100% fully-guaranteed program (if no prospective patients then no dollars invested) and have invested over $50,000,000 from their marketing budgets for this unique new prospective patient acquisition partnership between the chiropractic community and Metro Marketing.

Over the years many imitators have come and are now long gone but today Metro Marketing stands stronger than ever serving the marketing needs of the chiropractic community.

We have put together the ten most commonly asked questions from prospective chiropractic clients that you may find of value and interest.

If you have any additional questions, would like additional information or are ready for us to start filling your waiting room, just call us at 1-800-696-7788, ext. 248 and one of our marketing counselors will be happy to help you.

1. In 100 words or less, what exactly does Metro Marketing do for the chiropractic community?

How about in 47 words?

At no financial risk to the chiropractor, we find from 20 to 100 new prospective patients for each of our clients. We do all the work – schedule the appointment, confirm the appointment, give directions and our clients do what they do best – practice chiropractic on their patients.

2. How much do the programs cost?

The programs don’t cost anything. A ‘cost’ is an expense. Our programs are made with ‘can’t lose’ investments that, of course, depend upon how many new prospective patients you want to see. Where else can you invest money in a marketing or advertising program and be guaranteed the results – 100% guaranteed. No questions asked.

3. What type of patients will you be sending me?

Prospective patients very similar to the ones you are now seeing. You will give us the zip codes to call. We will be talking to the friends, neighbors and maybe even relatives of your existing patients.

We can’t change the make-up of your community. Your new prospective patients do have one thing in common. They all have spines that need to be cared for and many of them will be coming to you with specific problems that they need help with.

4. What makes Metro Marketing’s program different from other types of marketing and advertising?

This is an easy one.

We are the only program that 100% guarantees success. Prospective patients from 20 to 100 in your waiting room. No questions asked.

We either deliver or we don’t.

Ask your yellow page sales reps how many new prospective patients they will guarantee you.

Ask the same question to your newspaper sales rep, your printer who did your direct mail brochure, your local TV or radio stations and everyone else who wants you to spend money with them and guarantee nothing in return.

That’s not us.

If you want new prospective patients and don’t want to risk a single dime or dollar, then you need to talk to us ASAP.

5. How much income can I expect to generate?

We have doctors who have gotten back as much as $8 dollars for each $1 invested.

A lot depends on you and your community, your conversion skills (from prospective patient to long-term care patient) and the average income life value of a patient.

Conversion ratio can be as high as 70% but most of our doctors fall into the 30% to 45% range.

How to figure the income life value of a patient?

Take a random sample of 100 long-term patients you are no longer seeing.

Add up the total income generated from the 100 patients and divide by 100 to get a patient average.

And this doesn’t include referrals these 100 long-term patients have sent your way.

Again, you need to calculate this number for yourself.

Let’s assume you start with a 75-patient program and convert 33% of them (25) with an average income of $1000. That’s $25,000 of income for an investment of only a fraction of that amount.

We have doctors who do even better.

A dollar return you will find nowhere else.

6. My schedule is full. Why should I invest in a new patient acquisition program?

That’s great. We are not miracle workers. From time to time we get calls from a desperate chiropractor who has an empty waiting room and appointment book and wants us to help him, immediately.

We can help you grow your practice and make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to you.

There are patients you are seeing this week or this month that will not be your patients in 3, 6 or 12 months from today.

You just don’t know who they are. They may move, change jobs, become upset with your staff or for 100 other reasons just decide to stop coming.

The time to start replacing them is today before you lose them, not after the fact when you are trying to replace lost critical billing.

We send you 3 to 7 new prospective patients a week and slowly but steadily grow your practice with you or make sure your billing 6 months from today is not less than it’s going to be this month.

7. I don’t do free screenings. Can Metro still help me?

Yes we can in two ways. We offer custom programs where you don’t have to offer free screening and will be happy to discuss them with you.

Also if you don’t do free screenings but would like to, we have materials for you to review that will help you. And we can put you in touch with many of our successful clients who will be more than happy to share with you how they successfully convert free screenings into long-term paying patients.

Also ‘free screenings’ at a mall is a different world from what we do. In a mall setting someone who stops at your booth for a free screening is an ‘impulse buyer’. Someone walking by who, on the spur of the moment, decides to stop for a few moments with no real commitment on their part.

Our prospective patients are very motivated. First they stay on the phone with us for 10 to 20 minutes getting the information we need to share with them about you and your practice. They then take time out of their busy schedule to make an appointment to come visit you.

They are committing several hours. Traveling to your office, waiting to see you. Actually seeing you and travel time back home.

No financial incentives. No come-ons. They are seeing you for one reason and one reason only. They have a problem they want help with or want to make sure they don’t develop one.

Our prospective patients have committed a lot of time and energy and money (check the price of gas lately?) to come visit with you.

Can you really compare them to a free screening at a mall?

We can’t and neither can most of our 5,500 chiropractic clients.

8. My bank balance is low. Can I still work with Metro Marketing?

Yes you can. Depending on your credit history you can put as little as nothing – as in zero – down on many of our programs.

We also take credit cards if you are collecting points for that far-away trip. We have no less than 10 different ways you can invest in our programs.

We are partners and we just want to get you started.

If you want to match your investment to the income stream from your new patients we can help you with that as well.

No one else has as wide of a range in investment plans as we do.

If you want to do it (our program that is) we can help you make it happen no matter what your bank balances are or are not.

9. I only want to see people with insurance who have serious problems? Can Metro help me?

Yes again. We have custom qualified programs. If you only want to see people who live in homes with a red roof … you got it. You name the criteria and we can develop a program for you.

The guarantees are not the same but the final choice of who you see or don’t see will be completely up to you.

10. I want to think about it. Can we talk again in a few weeks, months or years?

Take all the time you want. We’ve been doing this for 13 years and will be doing it for at least the next 13 years.

But remember two things.

We are trying to place a doctor in each zip code every day. We have 13 marketing consultants who may be talking to another chiropractor in your town while you are reading this newsletter.

The people in your community want to see a chiropractor when they want to see a chiropractor, not when you are ready for them.

And they may be ready today not six months from now.

If they don’t see you, they will find another chiropractor to see.

Second point to consider.

We all take the time given to us to finish a project or make a decision.

What will you know a week, a month or a year from today that you don’t know right now?

Our program is either right for you (we think it is) or it isn’t.

If it’s right, then it’s right today.

Putting off the right decision can only hurt you, not help you.

Your zip code may be taken. You may suddenly lose more patients (billing) in a month than you anticipated.

If you want 20 to 100 new prospective patients, then we can help you get started in the next 10 days.

Trouble converting – we can help.

Low on investment funds – we can help.

We can’t help you until you pick up the phone and call us at
1-800-696-7788, ext. 248.

Before you get busy, please call us so we can help you develop the practice you rightfully deserve

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