August 2005
Vol. 2, Issue 2
The Spinal Column

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Contest Winner: Congratulations Vincent Vinciguerra
To Grow: Change is Not Always Good But Sometimes
It's Necessary
Marketing Idea of the Month #14: Your Own Web
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Win $1,000 Worth of Free Marketing Services

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To Grow: Change is Not Always Good But Sometimes It's Necessary

To be successful in any business (including a professional chiropractic practice) you need to:

  1. Find out who your patient/client is.

  2. Find out what they want.

  3. Figure out how to give it to them.

  4. Spend less money giving it to them than they give to you for getting it.

Really very simple. Really very basic. Really just common sense but very rarely done by you, or any business owner for that matter. Most business owners decide what's best for themselves and their patients/clients/customers and proceed accordingly.

Well it doesn't really matter what you or I want or think. It only matters what your patient wants and thinks. That is if you want to grow and prosper or, in many cases, simply survive.

Case in point: The changing world of insurance. Three changes all at once.

Fewer insurance plans are covering chiropractic care. The number of payable visits is declining as is the fee paid per visit.

Your prospective patient is telling you that he has no insurance or that his insurance doesn't cover your services at all or, maybe, just superficially.

What do you do?

If you want to grow or just survive you need to adjust to the marketplace because the marketplace (insurance companies) are not going to be making any changes to accommodate you any time soon.

Simply put, if more of your prospective patients or existing patients have less or no chiropractic coverage, you have two choices: watch your practice get smaller with each passing month and year or learn how to market and manage a practice with a cash only, partial or full, patient base.

It can be done. It is being done. There are many cash only, very successful chiropractic practices in the country and the only difference between them and you is their willingness to change and learn.

They listened to what the community (their patient base) had and wanted and found a way to profitably give it to them.

It is that simple.

There are excellent seminars, workshops and management consultants who could teach you how to convert someone without insurance into a long term cash paying patient.

How many of these prospective patients have you turned away? How many of your present patients have stopped coming because their insurance coverage has maxed out?

Does the fault lie with them, you or the insurance company?

If you picked ‘you' you are right.

Remember how we started this article.

  1. Find out who your patient is.

    He or she is someone living in the community that needs chiropractic care but doesn't have adequate or any insurance coverage.

  2. Find out what they want.

    They want your help but are lacking insurance.

  3. Figure out how to give it to them.

Bingo! Here is where most of you fall off the train. You complain about the insurance companies, the changing health care profession, how hard it is to make a living – much less prosper but you do nothing about it except complain.

Learn the art and the skill needed to grow a cash-based partial or whole practice. Others are doing it already.

Why aren't you?
Marketing Idea of the Month #14: Your Own Web Site

Each month we will give you a proven marketing tip or program that, if done right, will work for you. Collect, read and use all 36 of them over the next three years and you will have put together an effective powerful marketing program to help grow your chiropractic practice.

Last issue’s idea: 4 A Day For Success

This month’s idea: Your Own Web Site

Fact: Last month alone well over 40,000 people used a Google search to find a chiropractor.

Would they have found you?

Not if you don't have a web presence. Marketing, promoting and selling on the world wide web has become as commonplace, as matter-of-fact, as seeing ads in your local newspaper.

It's a multi-billion dollar industry and the best and biggest is yet to come.

And, yes, it can work for you as well.

A web site can serve two different purposes and objectives. It can be where you send existing and prospective patients to learn more about you and the world of chiropractic – how it can be of help to them.

Articles of interest, a glossary of chiropractic medical terms, a calendar of upcoming educational seminars – the list is endless.

Anytime anyone in your patient base needs information they will find it at your web site. They will all become subscribers to your on-line newsletter (just as you are reading this on-line newsletter) and they will have an opportunity to e-mail your questions about their chiropractic care.

The second way a web site can help your practice is by finding you new patients.

Today, if someone in your community does a web search looking for a local reliable chiropractor, will they find you or your fellow chiropractor down the block?

How to promote a web site and attract traffic to it is a topic all its own that we will talk about in the next issue of this newsletter.

You can put a web site together for anywhere from several hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars and anywhere in between.

Find a web site that you like. The look, the feel, the colors. Maybe it's not one web site but a part from one site and another element from another site.

Check out every chiropractic web site you can find. From the large expensive national association sites to the several-page ‘out of the kit box' sites as well.

Study them carefully. Look for common elements. Look for unique ideas and borrow liberally.

Once you know what you like and don't like and what the rest of the chiropractic world is doing, it's time to find a web designer.

The best advise in this area is to be referred to someone.

Just picking a name out of a phone book could prove to be very dangerous and expensive.

You must know someone who knows someone. Meet with a few people. Show them what you like and have them show you what they have done.

Tell them your reason for creating the web site. Is it to educate existing patients or to get new ones?

Don't tell the web designer what your budget is. Maybe it can be done effectively for less.

Let them give you a proposal. If you get three proposals from three highly recommended web designers who have all been given the same parameters by you, then you should be about to settle on one of them.

Be especially concerned if any one of the three proposals is substantially higher or even lower than the other two. Find out why. It's a red flag or at least should be.

Once you've settled on a web designer you need to search the web again for every chiropractic web site you can find.

Everything you need to incorporate on your web site has already been done by someone else. Almost everything you need to say has been said and written by someone else.

Find it. Borrow it. Rewrite it and use it. Find colors you like. Find type face you like. Find photos you like. A piece from here, a piece from there and suddenly you have your own personal web site.

Okay, several months and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, your web site is done.

Now what?

How do we market and promote it?

That's our topic for next month's issue of this newsletter.

Letter of the Month

Each month we will give you a ready-to-use letter that can be used to help promote your practice.

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This month’s letter: Letter to Prospective Patient Who Doesn't Return for Report of Findings

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To grow your practice your professional marketing skills are as important as your chiropractic knowledge, maybe even more so.

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