November 2004
Vol. 1, Issue 5
The Spinal Column

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To Grow: The More You Know About Your Competition
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To Grow: The More You Know About Your Competition the Better

Simply put, you cannot know too much about your competition. But first you need to fully understand who your competition really is. That would be anybody who can offer solutions to the problems your patients and prospective patients are having.

The list includes but is not limited to other chiropractors, medical doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, doctors of osteopathy, vitamin stores, gyms and who else?

You need to do extensive and endless research on each of these direct and indirect competitors.

Of course, you start with the obvious such as location, hours of operation, insurance carriers accepted where applicable, years in business, where their marketing dollars are being spent and not only where spent but when and how much.

A visit to their location will tell you a lot about everything from parking to availability of public transportation.

If possible become a ‘mystery shopper’ and have someone pay a visit as well. Learn whatever you can about the interior of the competing facility as well as from the size and layout of the waiting area to whatever other important scraps of information you can gather.

How was the phone answered and how well or not well were your questions answered when you called as a prospective patient or customer.

There are very few ‘secrets’, if any, that you could not gather information on if you just make the effort.

Okay, you’ve now spent weeks, maybe even months, gathering all this information about your ‘competition’. To do what with?

To learn and copy what is working and to discard what is not.

How do you know if it’s working? Well, first of all it’s very easy to find out how well your competition is doing. By simply doing a ‘head count’. Prospective business owners do it all the time by counting the traffic. Hire someone to actually count the number of people who visit a competitor on a particular day or week and you’ll be able to make some realistic, accurate projections.

So if the traffic is impressive and the form of advertising or marketing is being repeated, we can safely assume that the media is effective.

But the opposite is true.

Research may uncover a market untapped and unserved.

There are five competing chiropractors and none of them have Saturday hours. Will I know when I would be open and what I would be promoting heavily for the convenience of my client base?

This ‘fact finding’, then analysis, then implementation process is ongoing. It should be part of your business culture, part of your inner being.

Two simple principles:

  1. You want to know everything possible (and most everything is) about everyone competing for the same dollars you are.
  2. You want to have a system in place to gather the information continuously, evaluate it and use it.

If your competition is doing something that is working, you want to copy it and improve upon it.

If your competition is not doing something (type of marketing, servicing a market segment) is it because they tried it and it didn’t work or maybe it’s because they were too lazy or too comfortable to even try.

In business (and, yes, you are a business) there really are no secrets.

But you need a plan and the will and desire to execute it to find out the treasure trove of information that is yours for the digging and the rewards that are to follow.

Remember every competitor (direct and indirect) and every morsel of information you can gather and then use it.

Very few businesses (yes, that’s you again) understand and embrace this marketing strategy and that’s why very few businesses (hopefully not yours) come close to reaching their true potential.

The world is waiting for you. Go get it.

Want to talk? Call me at 1-800-696-7788, ext. 112 – 6:15 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. EST.

Marketing Idea of the Month

Each month we will give you a proven marketing tip or program that will work for you. Collect, read and use all 36 of them over the next 3 years and you will have put together an effective, powerful marketing program.

Last issue: Public Speaking

This month: Cross Promoting Your Practice

You have a very valuable, hopefully up to date, patient database.

Current, lapsed and ex-patients that number in the hundreds, if not in the thousands.

I hope that many on the list have grown to know you over the years, they like and trust you and maybe even depend upon you.

If you suggested a restaurant for them to try it could merit more consideration than coming from a total stranger.

First, what additional products or services could you be offering your database? From vitamins to pillows and so much more.

Remember, because of the established relationship, your marketing costs will be a lot less than that of a stranger.

A second way to use your database would be to cross-promote with any other local business.

Let’s use a local gym as an example. You could offer to your clients via mailing or handout, a free workout session at a local gym while the gym in turn promotes a free chiropractic exam to their large client base.

Everyone wins.

You are offering something of value (free workout) to your patients, which, if done properly, will be seen by your patients as a thank you offer from you and something especially for them. They (your patients) will feel even more ‘warm and cozy’ about you for thinking of them.

Your clients get the free gym workout. The gym gets to promote its services to your client base and the gym’s clients get a free chiropractic exam.

Everybody wins – you … your patients … the gym and its clients. Four winners and no losers.

Who else could you be cross-promoting with?

Do you want to grow your income line in the months and years ahead? Just answer these two simple questions.

  1. What other chiropractic-related products and services can I be selling to my patient base?
  2. What other business in my area could I cross-promote with where my chiropractic services are offered to their customer base and their products or services are offered to my patient base?

Want to discuss? Feel free to call me at 1-800-696-7788, ext. 112.

Letter of the Month: Cross Promoting

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This month’s letter: Cross Promoting

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To grow your practice your professional marketing skills are as important as your chiropractic knowledge, maybe even more so.

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