Telemarketing is the only form of advertising that requires an immediate response. Newspaper, magazine, radio, billboards and direct mail demand little or no immediate response. They can be ignored. When the phone rings, the natural response is to answer it, and from that point on, there is an opportunity to establish a conversation with a potential patient. It is much easier to get a message across when you engage in dialogue and questions can be answered. Two-way communication. Very powerful and very productive!

When choosing a telemarketing company, why not choose Metro Marketing?

Metro Marketing has been partnering with chiropractors nationwide since 1994 and has positioned itself as the leader in chiropractic telemarketing throughout the United States. All members of the Metro Marketing “team” of telemarketers are required to undergo extensive and continued instruction that includes training audio and video tapes, educational seminars and one-on-one coaching, which is available through our staff chiropractors. We impress upon our staff that they are an extension of your office and must meet or exceed your requirements.

When you sign on with Metro Marketing, you have an experienced, qualified Customer Care specialist personally assigned to you who will assist you with your program from start to finish. If you have any questions or challenges along the way, your Customer Care representative will be available to answer those questions and find solutions for any problems or challenges you may be facing. You have at your fingertips the strength of a large organization with the personal service of a small company!

*Pro-rated money back guarantee may apply