Metro Marketing has worked in the Chiropractic industry for over 20 years. We are chiropractic driven and we pride ourselves in our work in assisting Chiropractors in and out of the United States in raising Chiropractic Awareness. We believe in and promote the healing power of the adjustment. We stand behind our clients and their beliefs that no medicine or therapy will allow for natural healing to occur in the body like the chiropractic adjustment.

We also believe that most everyone who has a spine would be a good chiropractic candidate. We work for many offices in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as their marketing team. We assist in organizing health/chiropractic seminars in cities where the average household income could be below $30,000 a year or as high and $200,000 per year or more. Our programs are structured to assist chiropractors in standing in front of their communities and in speaking with prospective patients about their services. We give our clients their community’s attention. Our clients have an opportunity to meet and greet a prospective patient and in turn create a new patient and referral source for their practice.

At the close of each screening, one by one, each prospective patient walks away grateful and hopeful that chiropractic care may help to change their life for the better. Converting screenings to patients accepting care is a unique, personal journey for each individual chiropractor. We welcome the opportunity to assist our clients with the knowledge that we have gained over the years from the clients, consultants and Chiropractic Universities that we have partnered with. Our service delivers a message of hope to a prospective patient through the work of our client and their office teams.

People’s needs change from day to day, from minute to minute. At Metro Marketing we are chiropractic driven. We believe in the power of the adjustment and we believe all living human beings are chiropractic care candidates. We all deserve to live healthier and have a fully thriving life. Never doubt the importance of your presence in your community. Remember, you hold the key to hundreds upon thousands of people living their life to the fullest.

Raising Chiropractic Awareness is a critical component in your community’s overall well being. Our mission is to assist YOU, the EXPERT in your field with that effort!