Metro Marketing offers custom hourly programs that include:

Appointment Setting:

We will call new prospective patients in your area and confirm appointments within your office hours to either supplement your existing practice or establish a new one.

Free Reactivation:

You can re-establish your relationship with former patients by having them come in for a complimentary examination, evaluation or consult.

Direct Mail Follow Up:

With this type of program, you are able to coordinate your mailings with follow up phone calls from us, done on a prearranged schedule. If you have found that your area responds well to direct mail, you can expect a greater rate of return after a telephone follow up on a mail piece.

Seminar Registration:

We will design a script specifically to market your upcoming seminar, class or event. We will accept registrations and confirm the evening before the scheduled event.

Screening Follow Up:

We will help you to quickly follow up with people who have filled out interest cards at events you have done to establish new patient relationships.

*Pro-rated money back guarantee may apply