What type of patients will come into my office?

There are many different types of people who work and live in your community that we will be speaking with and will be interested in scheduling an appointment to visit you. If interested in targeting a specific “group”, Metro Marketing can assist you in purchasing a specialty list and can assist you with script development at no additional cost.

How will telemarketing affect my reputation in the community?

Telemarketing , if done correctly, can be the most powerful form of marketing and will leave the potential patients in your community with positive thoughts on chiropractic. Since all of our lists are “scrubbed” against the Federal Do Not Call List, all of our calls are digitally recorded, and can be tracked and listened to so as to assure the utmost professionalism and quality assurance.

Can you market P.I. or Work Comp?

Yes, Metro Marketing offers programs that include P.I. and Work Comp. We will customize a program specifically tailored to meet the needs and goals of YOUR chiropractic office and philosophy.

How much do I have to invest in the program?

The prices of our programs vary, depending on the number of prospective patients you wish to see coming into your office. Metro Marketing will offer a new client a “test program” with a 100% money back guarantee. Our “Test Drive” Programs guarantee from 40-150 new patients, and we refund your money if we are not able to produce in your area! No other media will offer you this 100% guarantee.

Why should I, a health care provider, use telemarketing to generate new patients?

Telemarketing can be the most powerful form of marketing available if done correctly. Direct mail, newspaper, magazine, radio and billboards demand little or no attention. They can all be ignored. With telemarketing, you have a captive audience the minute the phone is answered! If a potential patient is interested in learning more about you or chiropractic, we have an opportunity to establish a conversation. It is much easier to get a message across when there is two-way communication. Very powerful and very productive!

Do I have to give away my services at a discounted rate or for free?

Metro Marketing offers an array of programs and will customize a program to fit your needs. The most successful results are seen with doctors using our “generic” script, which will offer the potential patient a “complimentary” assessment and consult. If a client wishes to charge a fee for the first assessment, we will customize a script at no cost to the client.

How will you schedule appointments for me?

Metro Marketing will schedule new patient appointments based on the hours given to us by you. To maximize the potential of our programs, we would ask for as many scheduling hours as possible.

What do you say to the potential patient?

What is said during the conversation will depend on the type of program you take advantage of and the offer you are making to the community. All phone calls are digitally recorded and monitored by our telemarketing managers. We impress upon our staff that they are an extension of your office and must meet or exceed your requirements in a positive, non- intrusive way.

How will you communicate with my staff?

You will be assigned a “customer support” executive who is responsible for staying in touch pro-actively with you during our programs. Metro Marketing faxes patient appointments daily directly to your office. In addition, you will be furnished with an 800 number to call with any questions or concerns.

Do you have references?

Yes, Metro Marketing works with thousands of your colleagues all over the country and references can be furnished upon request. Metro Marketing also works hand-in-hand with practice management groups, consultants, state associations and colleges nationwide in an effort to assist their clients and members to reach their practice goals.

Do you work for more than one doctor per calling area?

In most cases we will restrict our calling to one office per zip code. We have found that working for more than one office per calling area can be counter- productive unless the area has a population of 50,000 or more.

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*Pro-rated money back guarantee may apply