Building Your Practice Through Public Speaking

Opening a new practice or expanding an existing one can be exciting, rewarding and challenging at the same time.

The obvious key to a successful practice is growing patient numbers, referrals and positive name recognition in your community and surrounding communities.

Setting yourself apart from other chiropractors in your area will give you the “edge” needed to continue to grow professionally, personally and financially, and branding your self as an expert in your field will take your practice to a new and exciting level.

One way to “set yourself apart” and to brand yourself and your practice would be through public speaking. If you are personable, comfortable with speaking to a group, confident in your beliefs and well versed in patient education, you should consider sharing your knowledge and the skills that you have sharpened over the years with your “target market”.

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The Power Of Positive Networking

Years ago, when I began my journey working with the chiropractic marketing division of my company, I had been given the opportunity to take my inside sales position outside of the office 4 to 5 times a year to attend chiropractic seminars and conventions across the United States and in Canada.

What never ceased to amaze me (and still doesn’t) is the fact that I could speak with a potential customer or client for years. I could stay in touch with letters and articles of interest, remember and recognize a birthday or anniversary, really develop a relationship and friendship with my prospects, but more times than not, they still were listed in my database as a “prospect”, not a “sold account”… Once I met that “prospect” face to face at a convention or seminar, the deal was sealed. The one on one meeting, the firm handshake, smile or hug, meeting of the eyes resulted in “the closed deal”

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