Years ago, when I began my journey working with the chiropractic marketing division of my company, I had been given the opportunity to take my inside sales position outside of the office 4 to 5 times a year to attend chiropractic seminars and conventions across the United States and in Canada.

What never ceased to amaze me (and still doesn’t) is the fact that I could speak with a potential customer or client for years. I could stay in touch with letters and articles of interest, remember and recognize a birthday or anniversary, really develop a relationship and friendship with my prospects, but more times than not, they still were listed in my database as a “prospect”, not a “sold account”… Once I met that “prospect” face to face at a convention or seminar, the deal was sealed. The one on one meeting, the firm handshake, smile or hug, meeting of the eyes resulted in “the closed deal”

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