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Guest Post by Barry Anderson D.C. at Everest Coaching Systems 888-245-8244

Often times when Chiropractors get together you will hear the constant refrain, “I just need more new patients.” It is from this belief that we hop on the new patient roller coaster. We fall into this false belief that my practice can only grow and survive if I get more and more new patients. Thus, we use all the methods to attain new patients telemarketing, corporate lectures, in house lectures, ads the list is endless. Even though we spend all this time, money and energy the practice still doesn’t grow. We wonder why the Chiropractor down the road is doing the same marketing but his practice is growing beyond belief. Why is he working shorter hours, seeing more patients and enjoying life? I run ads, I use the same telemarketing company, I do workshops, but why is he doing so well? We cant figure it out. This causes us to move on to the “next big thing” in patient procurement. More of the same results or lack of results for that matter follows. Now is when the blame game begins. It must be my location; staff, the people in this town just don’t “get it” the list is endless. This is usually the point where the Doctor either accepts their life of mediocrity or they make the life-changing shift to achieve the life they have dreamed of and deserve.

The first decision is to re-frame the problem. The problem isn’t there’s not enough new patients. I know this because other Chiropractors in town have booming practices. The problem is I donʼt know what to do with the patient once they walk in my door. Your marketing system may bring in 10 or even 100 new patients this month, but now what? I once had a new client call me who was a new patient magnet. This Doctor would have over 100 new patients per month enter his clinic. ( an amazing number, right?) Sadly, this Doctor was getting ready to file bankruptcy. He knew how to get patients in but had no idea what to do after that. I have also had clients getting as little as 15 new patients per month and were at or near million dollar practices. What was the difference? One Doctor knew what to do once the patient walked in the door and one didnʼt.

The hardest realization we come to is that it isnʼt my marketing companies fault, or people not “getting it”, or not having the latest technology. The problem is… ME. Once we can come to grips with this reality our world will be turned upside down, or should I say right side up. This is the crucial shift in the success paradigm. I have seen dramatic changes in my coaching clients lives once they accept this basic premise. If you want to grow your practice you must know what to do with the patient once they enter your practice. After this crucial shift in thinking your marketing will now start blowing the roof off your practice. It is only after you establish the appropriate systems that your practice will grow beyond belief. If you want to succeed follow the systems of those who already have. It is these systems that will allow you to live not only the life you have dreamed of but the life you deserve.